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11 days

Adventure collection

To get the most of Kamchatka sights is better through different outdoor activities. Go to the Pacific ocean on a boat. Climb to the crater of an active volcano on foot. Go rafting on the river. And if you want even more impressions — get by helicopter to the famous Geysers Valley or the Kuril lake. This route is for those who prefer to combine not only several places, but also several types of outdoor activities in one trip.

Day 1. Arrival to Kamchatka

After meeting at the airport you will move to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, where you will be accomodated in the hotel and rest. Then you can walk around the city.

We recommend you to climb the Mishennaya and Nikolskaya hills, which offer a great view of the city, Avacha Bay and the "home group" of Kamchatka volcanoes: Avachinsky, Koryaksky and Kozelsky.

Also we advise you to visit the "Volcanarium" — an interactive museum, which clearly presents the volcanic processes of Kamchatka. Please note, that museum tours should be booked in advance. You can book a tour at a convenient time by yourself, see prices and contacts on the museum website.

You will have dinner with the guide at 8 p.m. and discuss the program.

Day 2. Boat trip to Avacha Bay

Today you will enjoy a boat trip to the Avacha Bay. You will see sea bird rookeries on Babushkin Kamen (Old Woman’s Stone) Island and Tri Brata (Three Brothers) Island.

Next, you will go out to the Pacific ocean.  If you are lucky, you will meet the seals, whales and killer whales. If not, do not worry — you are going to visit Starichkov Island, where you will watch the largest sea bird rookery in Kamchatka.

If desired you will participate in sea fishing, after which you will have lunch with fresh crabs and red fish soup cooked by assistant captain.

After lunch you will return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. You will gather your baggage and go with SUVs to the area where volcanoes Mutnovsky, Gorely and Vilyuchinsky are located (90 km, ~2,5 hours). Here you will set up a campsite, have dinner and spend the night in tents.

Day 3. Hiking to the crater of Mutnovsky volcano

Today after breakfast you will go with SUVs to the Mutnovsky volcano (2323 m high) and will rise up to its slope. From this point you will start the hiking route, which will last for 6-8 hours with stops for a snack and photoshoot at the most picturesque places.

While climbing the crater of volcano, you will see eternal glaciers, colorful rock outcrops and a huge fumarole field with powerful sulfur dioxide emissions.

Next you will see a huge crater, consisting of two cones. Each of them has acid lakes of different colors at the bottom. Also you can see boiling fumaroles on the steep slopes and waterfalls formed by melting glaciers.

After climbing you will walk to the Opasny (Russian for Dangerous) waterfall. Its height is 80 m, and a powerful stream of rumbling water falls into a huge canyon. 

In the evening you will return to the tent camp, have dinner and rest.

Day 4. Climbing the Gorely volcano

Today you will visit another active Gorely volcano (1829 m high). Hiking route will take 4-6 hours, but the ascent will be more difficult with the total gaining altitude of 700 m.

From the top of the crater you will see a bright acid lake. Then you will have a snack at the place with a beautiful view of Vilyuchinsky and Mutnovsky volcanoes.

In the afternoon you will return to the camp, pack your things and move to the village of Paratunka. Here you will check into the hotel, have dinner and swim in the pool with hot thermal water.

Day 5. Optional day

On this day you can relax in the thermal pool or take one of the helicopter excursions (extra charge). You can fly to the Geysers valley that is the famous UNESCO world heritage site. Or you can visit the Kuril lake, where dozens of bears arrange salmon fishing. See the detailed description of helicopter tours in the "Common question" section.

After returning from the helicopter excursion you will to the high plateau between the Avachinsky and Koryaksky volcanoes (45 km, 1,5 hours). You will stay at the Avachinsky alpine camp, have dinner and rest.

Day 6. Ascent to the top of Avachinsky volcano

You will climb one of the main Kamchatka volcanoes – Avachinsky, which has a height of 2741 m. Ascent lasts 6-8 hours, the descent takes about 2-3 hours. The hiking route will be more difficult, than climbing the Gorely volcano.

You will return to the camp in the evening and rest. If desired, you can visit a bathhouse.

Day 7. A walk through Camel mount and the Koryaksky volcano

Today you will find an exciting off-road trip to the high plateau located between Avachinsky and Koryak volcanoes. There you will have about 2-3 hours to walk along the volcanoes' slopes and the Camel mountain. 

Here you can make wonderful pictures of mountain landscapes and find entire colonies of ground squirrels. This kind of gophers have already become an implicit symbol of Kamchatka. They are not afraid of people, boldly beg for nuts and even pose for the camera.

Then you will return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, can walk along the city and rest in hotel.

Day 8. Rafting on the Bystraya river

After breakfast you will move to the Bystraya river valley by car (120 km, 2 hours). From here your three-day rafting will begin.

The guide will control the raft, and you will be able to have a rest, fish and enjoy the wildlife of Kamchatka. If the weather is warm, you will swim in the river..

In the evening you will make a stop to  set up a camp. Have dinner, spend the night in tents on the bank of the river.

Day 9. Watching the wild nature

Your rafting continues, and today you will pass two rapids that are safe even for the junior rafters.

You can go fishing and watching wild animals and birds. In July and August bears hunt for fish, going to spawn, on the banks of the Bystraya river. And also you can see gulls, wild ducks and Steller's sea eagle.

In the evening you will set a camp on the river's bank, pick mushrooms and berrie and have dinner. You will taste caviar, cooked for five minutes by the special recipe.

Day 10. Finishing of rafting

Today you will pass one more rapid and finish your rafting. Then you will go back to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky by car (180 km, 3 hours), where you will stay at the hotel. In the evening you will enjoy a farewell dinner.

Day 11. Departure

After breakfast you will be taken to the fish market. You can buy red fish, caviar and crabs here. Then you will be taken to the airport to depart home.

Included in the price:

  • Accommodation in the hotels (DBL, 4 nights) and at the campsite (2 nights )

  • FB during the whole tour (except breakfast and lunch at day 1)

  • Guide and cook service (at days 2-10)

  • Interpreter's services (at days 2-10)

  • Rentai of necessary tourist equipment (tents, dishes, rafts etc. Except sleeping bag)

  • Transport services (bus and cross-country car)

  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel and back

  • A boat trip to Avacha Bay (5-6 hours)

  • Visa support and registration

Extra charge:

  • Airfare to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

  • Accommodation in a single room at hotel and in the tent, except for the camp "Avachinsky"

  • The helicopter excursion to Geyser Valley and Uzon caldera

  • The helicopter excursion to Kuril lake with bears watching

  • Rental of a sleeping bag

  • Insurance

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