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August - September


10 days

Altai adventure

Altai mountains are well-known for its passes and waterfalls cascades, swift rivers in narrow gorges and snow-white peaks. Here you will go down to the mysterious caves, walk to the mountain lakes and glaciers. Also you will get acquainted with the traditions of the Altai people and touch the history of the mountainous region, where the Scythians, Huns and Turks lived.

This tour is for whose people who prefer both comfort accommodation and different activities combined in a one program. The itinerary includes a light trekking to mountain lakes and waterfalls, a rafting on the Koksa river and a descent to the Altai famous caves. 

Day 1. Arrival to Novosibirsk and Barnaul

After arrival to Novosibirsk or Barnaul you will be taken to the hotel complex, located near the Denisov's caves (see transfer details in "Common questions"). On route you will be given all necessary instructions related to the itinerary.

The length of the route — 384-600 km by car.

Day 2. Descent to the Denisov's caves

Today you will get acquainted with the ancient archaeological monument, included in the UNESCO world heritage list — Denisov's caves. 

You will visit the Muzeynaya (Russian for "Museum") cave, which is located in the Karakol river's valley. With the depth of 33 m and length of 850 m it has 1A complexity category. This picturesque cave is suitable for the junior speleologists. Here you will see the sculptural masterpieces formed by stalactites and stalagmites, underground grottoes and labyrinths. You will be given special clothes for descending into the cave. In the evening you will return to the hotel, have dinner and rest.

The length of the route — 12 km by car, 7 km on foot.

Day 3. Trekking to Shinok waterfall

In the morning you will move to the Karakol village, from where your hiking route to the waterfall will start. On the way you will overcome a light mountain pass (1200 m high).

You will have lunch outdoors near the waterfall, after that you will return to the hotel. This route will pass through the territory of the State natural reserve. You will see the Shinok river, which flows through a narrow gorge and forms a spectacular cascade of several waterfalls (from 3 to 60 meters high).

The length of the route — 18 km by car, 26 km on foot.

Day 4. A visit to the Ust-Kanskaya cave and Museum of national Altai culture

Today you will move to the Ust-Koksa village. On the way you will stop at the Ust-Kanskaya cave (its length is17 m, height is 12 m). Archaeological artifacts from this cave are exhibited at the Hermitage Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg.

Then you will visit the Museum of national Altai culture, where you will learn about the history, traditions and faith of the Altai people.

In the evening you will arrive to the Ust-Koksa village and accommodate at the double hotel rooms of the recreation tourist complex.

The length of the route — 313 km by car, 1 km on foot.

Day 5. Rafting on the Koksa river

After breakfast, you will move to the Tyuguryuk village, where you will start rafting on the Koksa river. The river flows in a picturesque area, surrounded by mountains covered with dense forests. During this water trip you will see the raging rapids, the majestic mountains and the confluence of Gromotukha and the Koksa rivers. 

You will have lunch outdoors at the river's bank, can enjoy the beautiful views, as well as swim or go fishing. You will finish the rafting near the Ust-Koksa village, return to the base, have dinner and rest.

The length of the route — 35 km by car, 35 km by water.

Day 6. Auto-trip to Krasnaya mount

Today you will go to Krasnaya (Russian for "Red") mount by car. On the way you will enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery and Alpine meadows. You will visit three mountain lakes, two of which (lower and middle) are connected by a beautiful waterfall. You will have a picnic on the lower lake, and then return to the base in Ust-Koksa.

The length of the route — 30 km by car.

Day 7. The Multinsky Lakes

You will move along the Multa river to Lake Lower Multinsky, which is located at an altitude of 1710 m. The length of the lake is 2370 m, the width is 900 m. Clouds and mountain peaks are reflected in the mirror-like surface of the lake, making a great landscape.

For the next two days you will stay in the tourist base, located on the bank of Lake Lower Multinsky. After lunch you will hike to Lake Middle Multinsky, where you can just relax on a sunny beach, go swimming or fishing. Then you will return to the base, have dinner and rest.

The length of the route — 53 km by car.

Day 8. Trekking to Lake Kuiguk

Today a light trekking to the high-mountain lake and waterfall Kuiguk is waiting for you. It is one of the biggest (25 m high) and picturesque waterfalls in the Altai region. You can relax on the bank or continue trekking to Kuiguk glacier (2500 m high). Then you will return to the base on Lake Lower Multinsky.

The length of the route — 20 km on foot.

Day 9. Excursions to the Uymon village

Today you will return to the Ust-Koksa village. On the way you will stop in the Verkhniy (Russian for "Upper") Uymon village. This is one of the oldest villages of the Ust-Koksinsky district. It was founded by the old believers about 300 years ago. You will visit the Nicholas Roerich's Museum  and the Museum of old believers.

At 5 pm you will depart from Ust-Koksa to Barnaul and Novosibirsk.

Day 10. Departure

You will arrive to Barnaul (Novoaltaysk) at 07 am, to Novosibirsk at 10 am.

Included in the price:

  • Accommodation as per program

  • Meals three times a day

  • Transfers from Novosibirsk/Barnaul to Denisov caves and from Ust-Koksa village to Novosibirsk/Barnaul

  • Transport service as per program (minibus)

  • English-speaking guide services

  • Rent of necessary tourist equipment

  • Rent of horses for cargo transportation (days 5 and 8)

  • Medical and accident insurance

  • Excursions as per program, entrance tickets to museums

  • Rafting on the Koksa river
Extra charge:

  • Airfare to Novosibirsk or Barnaul

  • Meals during transfers from/to Novosibirsk or Barnaul

  • Bathhouse

  • Single supplement

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