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January - April


4 days

The deerest weekend

Here, beyond the Arctic Circle, it is not an apartment in a high-rise, but a raw-hide tent. It is not a TV show, but the Northern Lights. And finally, it is not a domestic dog, but a playful reindeer for a pet. The locals celebrate the New Year when the Sun rises over the tundra for the first time after the polar night. And all of it is just two hours away from Moscow! During this travel you will immerse yourself in technique of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug: you will have a trip through snowy tundra and learn the life, culture, and customs of the locals in the national village of Nelmin-Nos and during staying at the reindeer herders' camp.

Day 1. Tours and museums

At 12:30 you will be met at Naryan-Mar airport and taken to lunch at the Timan museum restaurant. This place is certainly going to impress you with this ethnic-themed interior design, local artists' paintings on the walls, real clothing and household items, books, and hides of deer, snow foxes, and foxes. One of its halls looks like a raw-hide tent with sleigh-like benches instead of chairs.

Then we will organize a combined car and walking tour for you to view the scenery of Naryan-Mar; you'll also visit the Nenets Local Lore Museum. It has three themed displays: one of them is about the history of how man reclaimed and transformed these lands from the seventh century BC to the present day; the two others are about ethnography, i.e. nature and the culture and life of the Nenets.

In the evening, you will arrive to the hotel and be given necessary gear.

Day 2. Snowmobiles, the national village and the northern lights

In the morning, we will take you to the camp and hold a briefing. You will ride a snowmobile to Nelmin-Nos, which is 60 km away. The snowmobile will be operated by an experienced driver; you will be seated behind him or her on the vehicle or in the passenger sleigh. Most of the route goes along the northern Pechora River.

Upon your arrival in the national Nenets village of Nelmin-Nos, you will have a walking tour of the village, visit the museum and the Ethno-Cultural Center and hear a story about its history and modern life. You will learn how villages were founded in the Nenets tundra, how the Soviets forced the nomadic peoples to settle and what kind of problems it caused.

Then you will ride a snowmobile to a traditional Nenets camp 40 to 50 km away. This trip will take a bit longer because you will have to ride across the true tundra, with its many rivers and hill slopes. Upon your arrival, you will stay in a raw-hide tent. The camp is located between Lake Golodnaya Guba and Lake Kolokolkovaya Guba. The former is one of the largest lakes in the Nenets Okrug. It's not deep, but its area exceeds that of Liechtenstein, Monaco, and Vatican City combined.

In the evening you will communicate with the reindeer herders and learn about their culture and life as well as taste the local cuisine. It's an excellent opportunity to try such exotic foods as stroganina (a fish/venison dish), reindeer blood pancakes, venison broth, and Northern berries. Then you will watch the stars and the Northern Lights while listening to a local folk tale; and then you will watch The White Yagel, a North-themed movie.

Day 3. Meet the reindeer

Today you will admire the dawn in tundra and meet the reindeer. You will feed and pet them, ride the reindeer sleigh and take some pictures of yourself wearing a malitsa, a folk suit. Additionally, you can find out what the reindeer herders have been doing every winter day for centuries.

In the afternoon, you will go back to Naryan-Mar and will be able to rest in the city.

Day 4.  Ethno-cultural center. Homecoming

In the morning you will visit the Ethno-Cultural Center and learn the Nenets’ customs in an interactive fashion. Afterwards, we will hold a master class on how to make a Nenets charm. You will find out how practical and sensible every last thing can be in the life of a Northern dweller. You will also visit the folk craft and souvenir shops.

Feel free to talk about your impressions during the dinner at the Timan restaurant. Then we will get you to the airport for the 13:40 flight.

Included in the price:

  • Accommodation at a hotel in Naryan-Mar (two nights, double occupancy) and an overnight stay in the common guest tent at the reindeer herder's camp

  • Meals provided by the program (4 lunches, 3 breakfasts, a dinner, and a tea party)

  • Car and snowmobile trips provided by the program

  • Sightseeing tour along the route and tickets to the Local Lore Museum

  • Guide's services

  • Snowmobile gear rental (a jacket, bib-and-brace overalls, a balaclava, a hat, glasses, gloves, and mittens)

  • Rental for a sleeping bag, a plaid, a sleeping pad, and camp cookware

  • Supplementary 1 000 000 RUB health insurance package

  • Getting a pass for you to enter the border area of the Russian Federation

Extra charge:

  • Airfare to Naryan-Mar

  • Single occupancy at the hotel

  • Dinners (day 1 and 3)

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