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7 days / 6 nights

Elbrus Multiactive tour

In the framework of this tour we are offering several types of an active rest in the out-of-doors:

  • Tracking – tracking along prepared itineraries. A possibility to get acquainted with the nature, terrain, customs and way of life of the Caucasus.
  • Jeeping – trips without luggage and additional load.
  • Paragliding – flying with eagles among snow peaks is the best way of seeing a beauty of the mountains.
1 day | Arrival
  • Meeting at the arrival hall of the airport by a representative of our firm.
  • Transfer to Baksan clove to the settlement Terskol in a comfortable bus (minibus, passenger car).
  • Accommodation at the hotel, introduction of the guides, program discussion.
2 day | Tracking in Treskol Clove to Terskolsky waterfall
  • Breakfast. Departure from the hotel at 9.30-10.00.
  • The route starts at Terskol settlement and lies along the river having the same name. In general all the clove can be called a tzardom of water. We are accompanied all the way by ringing springs from which one can drink not fearing anything. At the left the clove borders on basalt rocks.
    This is the southern offset of Elbrus having a volcanic origin. After 1.5-2 hours of ascending the path brings to rocks smoothed by retreating glacier. Terskol glacier is hanging over the upper part of the clove as a three hundred meter block. In about one more hour of ascending we arrive to the place. To the left of the glacier Terskolsky waterfall, one of the most beautiful in the Elbrus area is falling down with noise from the rocks. The waterfall bedding is formed by facets of basalt colonnade of volcanic origin. We shall have a small picnic (lunch boxes) there before going back.
    This s a simple and beautiful route; it goes along a good treaded path with smooth ascending. Coming back along the same road. The time en route is about 6 hours.
  • Return to the hotel. Dinner.
3 day | Jeeping in Chegemsky Clove. El Tubu Village, flights by paraglider
  • Breakfast. Departure from the hotel at 8.00.
  • The road from Baksansky clove to Chegemsky clove was already made in 1942, but today it is used a little and that is why we use jeeps. The road goes via Ak-toprack pass (translated from Balkarian language means White clay) with the highest point at 1950 м., from which wonderful views of both cloves are open. Time on the way 2.5 hours.
  • Village El Tubu is a real paradise for those who love antiquity. In the center of the village there is a watch tower of the XVII century. There is also a «shame stone», to which, according to legends, criminals were bound in the Middle Ages. Along the river Jilgi-Su, which divide the village into two parts, remains of Greek temples carved in the rocks can be noticed. A pass in the form of a staircase which is not well preserved leads to one of the former temples, carved in a granite rock. This pass is called in this way «Greek staircase». Here in a mountain massif Kyzla–Cugey-kai (translated from Balkarian language means –The rock of burnt girls) there is a grotto Kala–Tubu – an ancient man site (13-15 thousand years). Not far from the grotto there is an ancient settlement «Lygyt», which is referred to VIII-X centuries of our era, with an underground wooden water pipe. Next to the village one can see a necropolis (the city of the dead) in which 8 above ground mausoleums are preserved, four of which are duo pitch, and four round, fenced family graves and many ancient earthen graves. The necropolis is referred to XI-XIV centuries of our era.
  • Flight by Paraglider. In Chegemsky clove there is a paradrome Chegem. This is a unique place for it weather conditions, which makes it maximum safe for flights by paraglider. Surrounding mountain peaks and eagles flying near you make the flight unforgettable. All the flights are made with a professional and experienced pilot.
  • We return to Baksan clove via Ak-toprack pass as well. Meals on the way – lunch box.
  • Dinner at El-Tubu village or at the paradrome (café, national cuisine). All meals are coked from local ecologically pure products.
  • Approximate time of returning to the hotel is 20.00.
4 day | High mountain excursion to Elbrus
  • Breakfast. Departure from the hotel at 9.30-10.00.
  • Elbrus – the highest mountain peak of Russia and Europe, included into the list of highest peaks of the planet «Seven peaks». The saddle of Elbrus (5416 м) divides its Eastern (5621 м) and Western (5642 м) peaks. Melting of glaciers on its slopes feeds the major rivers of the Caucasus. A cable way on Elbrus is the highest and has no analogues in Russia and Europe; its highest point is located at the height of 3847 м.
  • It is by this cable way that we ascending to alpine acclimatization camp. Upon wish under the guidance of an experienced instructor one can work with snow equipment (crampons, snow-shoes, ice axis). It is possible to ascend in a rartack or ski-doo up to Pastukhov’s rocks (4800 м).
  • Lunch at the Café on Elbrus.
    Descending by cable way.
  • Return to the hotel. Dinner.
5 day | Jeeping toto the north of Elbrus, Emmanuel Glade, Silber Spring
  • Breakfast. Departure from the hotel at 8.00.
  • Today we say good bye to comfort and hospitality of the northern part of Elbrus and go to a wilder, undeveloped, but not less interesting northern side. And jeeps again help us. The road passes along the most beautiful places in stow Jily–Su. This is the place of famous pastures, covered with alpine meadows. In the period of flourishing (June- July) aroma of alpine meadows makes people muddle by its natural variety; and during hot summer days the pastures with horses and big horn cattle impress by its greenery and variety of field flowers.
  • Accommodation in the tent camp. Lunch.
  • Stroll along Emmanuel glade. The camp is situated in Emmanuel glade. It is located at the foot of Elbrus at the height of 2600 м. It is from here that a first successful conquest of unapproachable mountain was started. In 1829 a scientific expedition headed by general G.A. Emmanuel was organized. The peak with the height of 5421 м. was conquered by a team of about 30 persons, who were watched by the general in a spy-glass. After ascending the expedition participants carved a memorial inscription on a stone – «Let this modest stone inform the descendants about the names of those who were the first to blaze a trail to lofty mountain Elbrus!».
  • Silver spring. A unique silver spring contains a big quantity of silver; it has mineral water which is very tasty. The spring comes directly from underground and flows down by a rather powerful stream. Water of Silver spring is called by the people a life giving water by analogy with fairy tales the water which is capable to return a lost health.
  • Return to the camp. Dinner.
6 day | Djily–Su tract
  • Breakfast.
  • Trekking in Djily–Su tract. For many years the tract attracts attention of those researchers, who are studying ancient civilizations. It is situated on the northern side of Elbrus and it is known as a mysterious place with unique natural monuments, and as a unique natural resort with healing mineral springs, which are a traditional place for healing. In legends about Djily-Su a definition life giving water is often used – the water from fairy tales which rejuvenates and return a joy of life. Not far from the area with warm and hot springs there are natural places of interest: wonderful stone pyramids of the Valley of Castles, formed by washing and weathering of rocks on the slopes; astonishingly beautiful forty meter waterfall Sultan; stone bridge, pretty and deep (up tо 12 meters) cryogenic lakes; «meadow of mushrooms» with a fantastic build up of stones melted out from glaciers. Actually stone mushrooms are the unique forms of petrified ashes weathering. It is here that a particular geopathic zone which affects the man is located.
  • Lunch (lunch-box).
  • Departure to Kislovodsk. By the evening arrival to the hotel, accommodation.
  • Dinner.
7 day | Transfer to the airport
  • Breakfast.
  • Free time.
  • Getting out of the rooms, Check out.
  • Transfer to the airport Mineralnye Vody.
  • Hotel Cristall 139
  • Hotel 7 Peaks
  • Hotel Ozone Landhouse
  • Hotel Sky Elbrus
Additional Routes
Observatory of the Academy of scienceson peak Terskol

Transfer to Terskol settlement. This route is ideal for people who for the first time found themselves in the mountains; it passes by byway road and is very simple technically. We are ascending along long serpentine road and get out of the pine forest; a place with a wonderful view of Cheget mountain, Elbrus slopes and Kara-Bashi clove. Passing by picturesque basalt rocks we are approaching a multi-stream waterfall. Its peculiarity is that one can go through it and find oneself in a cave on the opposite side. Further on we are ascending up to Hanging Valley (2900 м). Upon ascending to the left slope, closing the valley, we find ourselves at a point from where at the bottom of rock shear drop a view of Terskol clove is open. The Observatory is situated on an even plot of land of Terskol peak (3100 м) and has 3 star and 2 sun telescopes at its disposal. Here the macro-cosmos is studied. Time of the ascend is 3-5 hours depending on the tourists’ physical training. Descending is about 1,5-2 hours. Meals en route – lunch box.

Excursion to Cheget

Cheget is a mountain of the Caucasus with a height of 3769 м. This is a popular tourist place and the center of mountain skiing. Cheget is an absolute paradise for extreme types of sports fans and of out of route skiing. In winter the fans of complicated routes are gathering here for an annual championship of Russia for a free ride, and in summer alpinists and tourists. The most beautiful view of Baksan clove, Terskol settlement, two peaks of Elbrus and the highest peaks of the Caucasus: Donguzarun, Kogutai and Nakra.
We are ascending to Cheget with a sightseeing tour on cable way. The lower station of the cable road is at the altitude of 2000 м. above sea level. The final station is at the altitude 3083 м. It is from here that the most magnificent view of Elbrus is open. Lunch on Cheget at the cafe.

Trekking around the lake in Gijgit clove

Transfer to Gijgit clove (1 hour). The valley of Gijgit river, which is a left tributary of river Baksan is famous for its excellent views. The head of the river is covered by a dam and a lake was formed many years ago here, which reminds of the alpine lake. The route takes about 5 hours. If there I a wish, one can bathe in the lake. Meals – lunch box.

Cost of equipment for hire

*Prices may vary depending on the exchange rate

Detail RUB per day
Plastic boots 500
Crampons 200
Ice axe 150
Telescopic poles 200
Sleeping Bag 300
Down jacket 500
Trousers Goretex 350
Wind breaker Goretex 350
Belay 50
Ski mask 200
Mitten 200
Harness 150
Karabiners 50
Head torch 100
Rucksack 200
Thermos 100
Sun glasses 200
Gaiters 100
Helmet 100
Gas jet 200

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Elbrus Multiactive tour
Elbrus Multiactive tour
Elbrus Multiactive tour
Elbrus Multiactive tour
Elbrus Multiactive tour
Elbrus Multiactive tour
Elbrus Multiactive tour
Elbrus Multiactive tour
Elbrus Multiactive tour
Elbrus Multiactive tour
Elbrus Multiactive tour
Elbrus Multiactive tour
Elbrus Multiactive tour
Elbrus Multiactive tour
Elbrus Multiactive tour
Elbrus Multiactive tour


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