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5 days

Journey to the North

You are welcome to premium class glamping. Dome tents with a panoramic view. Even that is enough for going on a trip to the Kola Peninsula. However, we have added several more reasons: jeeps, buggies and ATVs rides, reaching the northernmost point of the European part of continental Russia, local delicacies and the Aurora Borealis. It is a dream journey, isn’t it? Join us!

You will live in glamping — a premium camp with all convenience. Chill in a central dome tent with a panoramic view, lounge, bar and cinema. Sleep in cosy dome tents.

Day 1 | Road to the glamping 
  • You will be met in the airport of Murmansk, from where you will go to glamping with off-road Toyota Land Cruiser cars. Along the way, you will make a stop in the Valley of Glory — here, fierce battles took place during WWII. You will see traces of forts and trenches left in the region from that times.
  • For lunch, you will stop near a waterfall on the Zapadnaya Litsa River and have a picnic here. In case of bad weather, you will go to café.
  • On arriving at the glamping, you will have rest and relax in a sauna. For dinner, you will taste meals of the northern cuisine.
Day 2 |  Musta Tunturi ridge and Avatar waterfall
  • After breakfast in the camp, you will have a walk to MustaTunturi ridge. During WWII it was a front line here. For lunch, you will go back to the glamping.

  • After having a safety training, you will travel to the Avatar waterfall with off-road cars and ATVs.

  • In the evening you will come back to the glamping, where dinner and a heated sauna will wait for you by that time.

Day 3 |  The Sredny Peninsula
  • This day a circular route around the Sredny Peninsula is in the program. The travel will be taken with jeeps and ATVs.

  • You will see seitas Akka and Ukka — two stone giants on the shore of the Barents Sea. Admire picturesque bank with red stones. Reach coastal battery staying here since WWII. On the way, you will have a hot lunch.

  • In the evening, you will go back to the glamping, where you will have dinner and rest after a long day. 

Day 4 | Cape Nemetskiy
  • Today, with ATVs you will have a journey to Cape Nemetskiy (German) — the northernmost point of the European part of continental Russia.

  • Along the way, you will see abandoned garrisons and unique stone landscapes of the Arctic Ocean. And admire huge waves crashing onto the shore. If desired, you will swim in the ocean, and after that, have lunch on the beach. 

  • On arriving at the glamping, you will have dinner, rest and relax in a sauna.

Day 5 | Return to Murmansk

  • After breakfast, with off-road cars you will go back to Murmansk. On the way, you will have a stop on a German support road.

  • You will be in the airport at around 8 p.m. and can return to Moscow with the last evening flight.


  • accommodation in glamping

  • three meals per day with dishes of high expeditionary cuisine
  • service of experienced guides and instructors
  • all transfers
  • rent of buggies, ATVs and off-road vehicles
  • expeditionary equipment
  • international/domestic flights
  • medical insurance

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