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Auqust – September - October


7 days / 6 nights

Kamchatka | VIP tour

The most exotic part of Russia, which preserved primeval wild life – Kamchatka. For those who are fond of active rest it has a very bright and vivid importance: these are breathtaking views, new meetings, unusual feelings and astonishing events. The time flies unnoticed, every minute you are discovering the world of nature, sounds and colors, life of birds and plants.
Travelling in the rhythm of active rest is open to everybody, irrespective of the age and health. This is a unique possibility for getting free from vital concerns in a place which is far from the dust and hustle and bustle of big cities.

Advantages of the program:

  1. Watching a bear’s fishing in a natural environment and immersion into this environment.
  2. You will have an opportunity to see and fix in your memory the primeval nature and the results of volcanic processes.
  3. A sea cruise in a motor boat to one of the most beautiful bays of the peninsula. Observing and taking pictures of birds’ bazaars on rock islands, rookeries of rare sea lions.
  4. Relaxation in thermal healing springs.
  5. Unique ice caves.
1 day
  • Arrival to Petropavlovsk – Kamchatski. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the settlement of Paratunka.
  • Rest after the flight.
  • Welcome dinner with dishes rich in Kamchatka’s specialties: red caviar, salmon, sea products.
2 day
  • Breakfast.
  • Transfer to helicopter heliport deck (40 мin).Departure in helicopter. During the time of the flight you will have possibility to see two functioning volcanoes: Karymski and Maly Semyachick.

Volcano Karymski is situated in the central part of the Eastern volcanic belt of Kamchatka. This is a typical strato volcano represented by a regular cone with an absolute height of 1536 м. At present volcano Karymski is referred to one of the most active volcanoes in the world. There were 20 eruptions during 215 years. And now the volcano is at the stage of new volcanic cycle activation. The last eruption of the volcano started on January 2, 1996 and is continued until now. Grandiose ash and gas explosions take place every 5-15 minutes; ashes and gas rise to the height of 300 -1000 м above volcano’s crater of eruption.

Volcano Maly Semyachick belongs to the Karymski group of volcanoes and is situated in 15 km to the north-east of Karymski volcano and in 20 km to the west of Kronotsky bay. At present an interest to volcano Maly Semyachick is first of all related to its acidic lake in an active Troitsky crater. Diameter of the lake is about 500-600 м; its maximum depth in different years varied within 117-140 meters. In the center of the lake there is a griffon, associated with the flow of volcanic gas rising from its bottom.

  • Arrival to the Valley of Geysers. Excursion during which you will see the eruption of Geyser Bolshoi (Big), watch the operation of different thermal sites, springs and mud tanks.

The Valley of Geysers is a unique natural object. It is situated in Kronotsky reserve in a wide clove along which Geysernaya river flows. Here at the distance of 6 km one can watch all known forms of hydro-thermal activity, including permanently functioning and pulsating boiling springs, hot lakes, mud tanks and small volcanoes, steam stream, heated sites and, of course, geysers. The biggest geyser “Giant” (Velican) has a size of griffon 3 х 1.5 м; during eruption a water column of the height of 30 m is rising. The Valley of Geysers is very picturesque, colored clays are gleaming in the light, fanciful geyserite structures, thermophilic algae and grasses create rich colored mosaics.

  • Flight to the caldera of volcano Uzon. A tour of the Eastern thermal field with gurgling thermal and mud tanks. Possibility of seeing bears.
  • Flight to Nalychevsky natural park. Basing in hot springs.
  • Departure. Coming back to the helicopter deck. Transfer to the recreation camp.
  • Dinner.
3 day
  • Breakfast.
  • Transfer via the city Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to the city port. Transfer in a comfortable motor boat to Tikhoi bay, Granny’s stone island, Stanitsky cape. Further on the motor boat moves to the island rocks “Three Brothers”, which is one of the attractions of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. While viewing rock islands and bays it is possible to see numerous birds’ bazaars. Boating along rocks with an entry to grottoes.
  • Stopping in a cozy bay for sea fishing.
  • You will be offered a tasty lunch of fish soup and newly captured fish on board of the motor boat. And a professional diver will get sea hedgehogs and crabs from the bottom of the sea.
  • Transfer to the Russian (Russkaya) bay. A possibility of seeing a bander of killer whales or a humpback whales.

The Russian bay is going deeply into the shore; it is a narrow strip with blue waters with steep hill slopes coming down to the water; the Russian (Russkaya) bay had itelmen name Ahomten until 1952. In the ХХ century up to the end of the 30th the bay was used for temporary parking of ships during conditions unfavorable for swimming. The ships also replenished a fresh water capacity there. As seamen say this water could be stored fr a long time and preserved its properties. Nowadays this bay is considered to be one of the most picturesque places near Petropavlovsk – Kamchatsky.

  • During sunset we shall come in a motor boat to the rocky shores as close as possible to be able to see a rookery of sea lions. There are huge alpha mails and their harems, curious young animals. These are astonishing unusual creatures.
  • Dinner on board of the motor boat.
4 day
  • Breakfast.
  • Departure to Volcano Mutnovsky (80 км). En route stop opposite Viluchinsky volcano.
    Arrival under the crater of Mutnovski volcano to the beginning of the footpath. Going on foot up to the huge volcano crater – 3km along mountain path (1.5 hours). Altitude rise is not much – from 1300 м up to 1600 м above sea level.
  • In the crater you will be able to see glaciers, hot springs, steam vents and solfataras, boiling mud tanks and springs. You can go to the main crater by mountain path.
  • Descending from the volcano. Lunch.
  • Trip to the waterfall of canyon Opasny (Dangerous). A huge crack divided the volcano into two parts. The height of the waterfall is 80 м.
  • Return to the recreation camp.
  • Dinner.
5 day
  • Breakfast.
  • Flight to Kurilsky lake (Lake Cordon).

Кurilsky lake is one of the most beautiful places on the Earth. According to its size the lake is the second largest from the fresh water lakes of Kamchatka. One river Ozernaya flows from the lake, which connects it to Okhotsk sea and is feeding it with life. The great spawning migration which lasts from July till February gathers to its shores a huge number of animals and birds, willing to taste fish: bears, sea eagles, foxes, swallows, ducks, swans and many others.

  • Excursion to Southern Kamchatka’s Reserve. Watching bear’s fishing, spawning run of red salmon.
  • Return to Oserny Cordon.
  • Sailing around the lake in a motor boat with a visit of original lava islands. A visit to the most enliven places of the lake and watching its inhabitants– bears, plenty of red salmon, plenty of red salmon, sea eagles (one of the biggest pray birds in the world).
  • Watching bear’s fishing in the heads of rivers falling into the lake. Return to Ozerny Cordon.
  • Flying to a colder of Ksuduch volcano. Strolling along the unique hot beach.
  • Flight to Khodutskinski hot springs. Bathing in the river with real thermal water.
  • Departure for the recreation camp.
  • Dinner.
6 day
  • Breakfast.
  • A trip to the historical center of the town and to the Black beach of the Pacific ocean.
  • Visit to a fish market and souvenir shop.
7 day
  • Breakfast.
  • Transfer to the airport.
  • Transfer from the airport/ to the airport and according to the program
  • English speaking guide
  • Accommodation in the recreation camp in class de lux rooms with a thermal pool according to the program
  • Motor boat and fishing equipment
  • Helicopter excursion according to the program
  • A cook and meals according to the whole of the program (full board)
  • Medical and transport insurance
Not included
  • Air tickets to Kamchatka and back
  • Additional stay in the hotel
  • Additional transfers and excursions
  • Alcoholic beverages and tobacco

Tourists have to pay attention to a personal outfit (cloths and footwear), because at some parts of the routes and on volcanic plateaus snow can stay during all summer period and in case of bad weather the air temperature can drop at the altitude above 1000m.

Recommended equipment
  • comfortable hiking cloths;
  • tourist shoes with a ribbed sole and water proof treatment;
  • sneakers;
  • waterproof anorak;
  • waterproof trousers;
  • summer thermal underwear;
  • warm polo-neck sweater;
  • simple sock;
  • T-shorts;
  • woolen cap;
  • cap or panama;
  • underwear change;
  • sauna and bating outfits;
  • persona hygiene means;
  • individual medicine box;
  • sun glasses;
  • suntan cream;
  • cream against mosquitoes and black fly;
  • photo and video cameras;
  • copies of the documents.

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Kamchatka | VIP tour
Kamchatka | VIP tour
Kamchatka | VIP tour
Kamchatka | VIP tour
Kamchatka | VIP tour
Kamchatka | VIP tour
Kamchatka | VIP tour
Kamchatka | VIP tour
Kamchatka | VIP tour
Kamchatka | VIP tour
Kamchatka | VIP tour
Kamchatka | VIP tour
Kamchatka | VIP tour
Kamchatka | VIP tour
Kamchatka | VIP tour
Kamchatka | VIP tour
Kamchatka | VIP tour
Kamchatka | VIP tour


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